The techniques

The techniques
There are different types of techniques that the osteopath has available to help cure bodily dysfunctions:

General osteopathic treatments: administrating specific relaxation manœuvres for the joints and muscles. It has effects not only mechanical, but especially biochemical, as the correct exchange of fluids are stimulated within the treated areas.

Joint manipulations: techniques that correct the positions of the joints according to their axes of movement. These technique have a strong neurological influence, as well as a purely mechanical one, as they assist in emitting correct pulsations to and from the ends of the treated part.

Visceral manipulations: these help to restore the mobility and motility of an organ, thus displaying cell vitality. These techniques assist in stimulating the organ to work correctly, i.e. digestive, absorption or expulsion, either in a more mechanical or a more biochemical domain.

Cranial techniques: they have an effect on the congruence movement between the bones of the skull, and other bones, the nervous system, the meninges and cerebrospinal fluid. With these techniques we act specifically on the body’s vitality, a fundamental quality that allows living beings to react effectively to disturbing events coming at them from the external and internal environment.